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New here? We're excited to get to know you better! For now, we invite you to become more familiar with us through our FAQs and membership information... then feel free to take a look around!

Where we are

Calvary is located in Golden Valley, Minn., a suburb just west of Minneapolis. Whether you live in the area or are just swinging through, please come visit us!

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Who we are

Everything we do is inspired by our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our vision is to "make disciples who make disciples" through several key areas of ministry.

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How you can connect

Whatever your interests, age or stage in life, there's a special place waiting just for you at Calvary...

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Staff directory 

We look forward to connecting with you! For general inquiries, reach us at: 

Calvary Lutheran Church
7520 Golden Valley Rd.
Golden Valley, MN 55427

Phone: 763.545.5659
Fax: 763.545.6953 

...or feel free to contact the relevant individuals or ministries directly:

- Pastors
- Visitation pastors
- Staff
- Church Council




Pastor Jeff Krogstad

Senior Pastor | 763.231.2960 | e-mail

Pastor Tacho Dominguez

Associate Pastor | 763.231.2996 | e-mail


Pastor Skip Reeves

Associate Pastor | 763.231.2965 | e-mail


Pastor Carol Skjegstad

Associate Pastor | 763.231.2983 | e-mail


Visitation pastors

Pastor David Scherer

Visitation Pastor | 763.231.2984


Pastor Dan Seidelmann

Visitation Pastor | 763.231.2979



Adult Education & Group Ministries

Deb Wagner, Adult Education & Group Ministries Director, 763.231.2976


Adult Ministries

Pastor Carol Skjegstad, Associate Pastor, 763.231.2983



Dorree Adelmann, Hospitality & New Members Director, 763.231.2973


Children, Youth & Family Ministries

Tim Balow, Children, Youth & Family Director, 763.231.2966

Youth Ministries

Kathy Brown, Confirmation Director, 763.231.2971
Megan Percy, Youth Director - Grades 5-8, 763.231.2972

Children's Ministries

Sharry Hosfield, Children's Ministries Director - Preschool, 763.231.2969
Roxanne Pengelly, Children's Ministries Director - Elementary, 763.231.2968

Early Childhood Ministries

Debby Bromander, Early Childhood Parenting, 763.231.2948
Margaret Mahowald, Nursery Director, 763.231.2949



Church Operations

Ruby Heiden, Executive Director, 763.231.2980
Jerry Gates
, Chief Financial Officer, 763.231.2974


Communications & Media

Nathan Almquist, Communications, Media & Calvary.org, 763.231.2908
Barb Farland, Communications & Public Relations, 763.231.2967
MariKay Nelson, Communications Coordinator, 763.231.2989


Congregational Care

Pastor Skip Reeves, Associate Pastor, 763.231.2965
Cindy Engelkes, Caring & Health Director, 763.231.2964


Early Childhood Centers (Weekday)

Debby Bromander, Hourly Childcare Director, 763.545.9042
Diana Hoffman, Childcare Center Director, 763.541.9774
Becky Robinson, Pre-Kindergarten Director, 763.545.5933



Craig Rothfolk, Facilities Director, 763.231.2959


Hospitality & New Members

Dorree Adelmann, Hospitality & New Members Director, 763.231.2973
Rick Schutta, New Members Coordinator, 763.231.2953

Latino Ministries & Spanish Worship

Pastor Tacho Dominguez, Associate Pastor, 763.231.2996


Mission & Outreach

Sally Dominguez, Mission Director, 763.231.2955
Dawn Dresser, Outreach Director, 763.231.2988


Music & Worship

Dan Oie, Director of Music & Worship, 763.231.2944
Lora Edwards, Music Administrative Assistant, 763.231.2956
Joshua Hoaby, Modern Worship Leader, 763.231.2946
Christy Jones, Modern Worship Associate/Administrator, 763.231.2945


Office Administration

Lora Edwards, Wedding & Funeral Administrator, 763.231.2987
Diane LaFontaine, Office Services, 763.231.2997
MariKay Nelson, Communications Coordinator, 763.231.2989
Lois Palmquist, Administrative Assistant, 763.231.2985
Debra Moorehead, Staff Accountant/Bookkeeper, 763.231.2990
Susie Roberts, Receptionist, 763.231.2941
Liz Turner, Administrative Director & Stewardship Coordinator, 763.231.2963
Suzie Yang, Bookkeeper, 763.231.2991

Women's Ministry

Lora Edwards, Interim Women's Ministry Director, 763.231.2956