God's Word tells us to give to His church, but...

Why give

Calvary believes that giving is not a law to be obeyed but a matter of the heart. Many so-called “treasures” may consume our hearts’ attention. However, when we’re completely focused on our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, our hearts are not only filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit, but also opened to pour out blessings upon the world around us.


How much to give

In the Old Testament (before Jesus), God teaches the Israelites to tithe, give 10 percent of their income. In the New Testament (after Jesus), there is no command regarding specific giving amounts, though almost every example involves people giving beyond 10 percent—even very far beyond!

Consider the amount you give without compulsion but with prayer and discernment.

How gifts are used

All of the many ministries of Calvary are made possible by the faithful, generous giving of people like you. Each year's budget is reviewed and approved at our Annual Congregatioal Meeting, which occurs in the fall. This budget includes ministry support, mission giving and operational expenses.

How to give 

No matter how you manage your finances, you'll find a convenient, effective way to give to Calvary. Consider:

  • Automatic withdrawal by bank account or credit/debit card - To begin giving to Calvary through automatic withdrawal, please visit the Calvary Giving Portal. Either log in to your existing profile or create a new account, then click on the “Giving” tab.

    Follow the same steps if you currently give to Calvary through automatic withdrawal but would like to adjust your deduction to reflect the amount noted on this card.

    NOTE: Offering envelopes will no longer be mailed to you if you choose to give by credit/debit card or automatic withdrawal. Questions? Contact Liz Turner by e-mail or at 763.231.2985.

  • One-time online gifts - We thank you for your special or one-time gifts to Calvary. You may give as a guest or visit the Calvary Giving Portal if you have a giving profile set up with Calvary (look for the "Giving" tab). 
  • Pledging - Estimating our giving for the coming year not only helps with our budgetary process, but also encourages us to plan our giving. Through such a commitment, we are better able to offer our "first fruits" as the Bible suggests and not just give whatever is left over. Make a pledge>>

  • Offering envelopes - Every worship service at Calvary features a time to give our offerings. Envelopes are the traditional means for collecting such contributions. Want your own offering envelopes? Contact Liz Turner by e-mail or at 763.231.2985.

  • Stock - By gifting stock to Calvary, you will avoid any capital gains tax and enjoy the tax benefits of transferred stock—not to mention knowing that your gift is furthering our mission together! For more information on giving stock, contact Jerry Gates by e-mail or at 763.231.2974.

  • Endowment Funds - Calvary Endowment Funds enable individuals to contribute to Calvary beyond their lifetimes. Any size of gift is appreciated and can be designated for general ministry or a number of special purposes. Learn more>>